Public perception of the real estate profession

Beyond the suit – Dealing with public perception of the real estate profession

Posted: by Kristina Haese

I had an interesting chat with my 32 year old son yesterday, about the public perception of the real estate profession. Our topic of the day was how he, and perhaps his demographic in general, view real estate agents and selling houses in generalLet me tell you I’m hoping his views are not too widely spread!

How to pick a real estate agent in public

It appears that as soon as my son or his friends see a young man or woman in a sharp blue suit with tan shoes on a Saturday, they ‘pick’ them and their real estate profession, generally with negative overtones of it including being pushy, flashy and untrustworthy. My son also commented that anyone can sell a property if it’s well-presented and in a ‘good’ location. The gist of the conversation was that there was little ‘job respect’ for real estate agents.

Having got over the urge to send him to the naughty boy chair for rudeness, and for making sweeping generalisations and denigrating the profession that I and many of my colleagues work very hard at, I realised that some facts and explanations might help to change his mind – and hopefully public perception more generally.

Real estate agent skills go way beyond staging a home or wearing a suit

Yes – a well presented home, priced to market, will usually sell well, and sell for a good price. Anyone in a sharp suit could do it. But – will it sell for the highest possible price? Ask yourself how valuable an experienced agent’s negotiation skills are to you and your ultimate sale price – will the agent take the first offer or fight to get you the best offer?

Will the sales process run smoothly to exchange of contract, then settlement? Will any problems with mortgage providers, valuations, solicitors, unapproved structures and a myriad of other problems be anticipated and resolved quickly and efficiently, to not hold up the sales process? I’ve seen enough sales fall over to know that it’s essential to have someone facilitating the process, and doing it well. Only the agent can talk directly to all parties involved – solicitors, buyer, seller and mortgage provider

We connect people and homes – and hopefully do it well!

Will that invaluable network of connections – the sales agent’s data base – real estate gold – exist and be worked tirelessly to find and connect the best buyers to the seller’s property?

So yes, to a certain extent, anyone can sell a property if it’s well-presented and priced to the market.

A good agent, sharp suited or not, will sell a property for the best (highest) price obtainable, make the whole process run smoothly and the sale actually happen. While the blue suit may be the public perception of the real estate profession, there sure is a lot of paddling going on underneath the surface, to get the best results for our clients.

So – some respect and recognition where it’s due please, son!

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