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Welcome! My name is Jane Ahern and I am a real estate agent – but don’t be alarmed! This isn’t a 12-step recovery programme so stay with me please.

Chances are, whenever you go to an open home, you get that strong sense of déjà-vu. Real estate agents with an expensive car, sharp suits, and uniform grooming greeting you with eyes already scanning the space behind you. Your questions about the property elicit vague or evasive responses, with an overall undertow of disinterest or too-hard-basket.

Given the uniform appearance and demeanour, I can’t blame you for thinking we are all the same – but please let me show you otherwise -because I care.

I care about my clients, and that includes both sellers and buyers. I care because I know that every buyer I treat well may one day become a seller and choose me. I care because the trust and repeat business my clients give me is invaluable, I have built friendships over it.

I care and so I’m here to share with you the knowledge I have gained from working in the ACT and NSW real estate markets for over 11 years.

Contrary to what I know to be good client service, I see and hear about practices that make my hair stand on end. As a result, I often get to listen to tales from frustrated people who want a competent, helping hand through the maze of property exchange land.

I have resolved to share my stories about what it’s really like to be a real estate agent, warts and all, and what you should expect and need to know, as a buyer, or as a seller, of property.

Reality is, it’s hard work if you want to do the right thing, like me. It’s not all high heels and tight skirts, or sharp suits, it’s also gumboots and cleaning windows to make sure a home looks amazing for its photo shoot. It’s re-cleaning that same window after the seller’s helpful parent has “just cleared away those last few leaves from the front garden” with his full-throttled leaf blower – right in front of the already clean windows.

My blog posts will come in spurts and spouts, about all kinds of things that are real estate. Some will be quirky, some will be funny, some a bit more serious, but all of them are inspired by the reality I see every day.

I hope my insights and knowledge will inform, help and amuse you as you undertake your real estate adventures.

Please let me know what YOU would like to know – how to avoid auctions? How to bid at auctions? What documentation do I need? Can I have confidence in an agent and what they have told me? You ask – I will answer, and if I don’t know, I will find out – after all, that’s what all good real estate agents do.

Full disclosure: I do work as a real estate agent for Luton Properties in Canberra, however all content on this site are my own opinions, views, and words, and are not made on behalf of anyone but myself, for you, my readers.



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