Christmas Shutdown – or Not?

Posted: by Jane Ahern

Christmas, also known as the festive season, is always an interesting time for Canberra real estate matters. Just as we get our town back, the politicians having departed in droves, leaving seats available in Manuka restaurants and bars in Kingston, we locals leave in droves shortly afterwards! Locals with a home and fixed address that is.

You would think the holiday season would also be the time for all good real estate agents to be safely ensconced on a beach towel somewhere, reading ‘Flipping Houses for Dummies’ and feeding chips to the seagulls – but not all of us are.

Why some people move during Christmas

The Christmas holidays often see people moving because of a new job or other life events and they feel pressure to sell or buy ASAP! Then there are those thinking of selling after the New Year, wanting to up or down-size or move to be in area for a particular school – trust me – it happens. I’ve sold a few properties to Canberra families wanting a particular suburb address so they can enrol their children in the local high school.

So the upcoming holidays are a time for me to be around, matching keen buyers to potential sellers, preparing marketing for already listed homes and carrying out appraisals for those who want a market update. Feel free to contact me if I can help with your real estate needs at all. I will reply – in between sipping a long cool glass of something at Kingston foreshore – in peace.

Hoping you enjoy a wonderful restful holidays and all you wish for yourselves at this time of year.

Take a tip from my dogs and just chill!

Season’s Greetings.



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