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All in an Agent’s Day?

Posted: by Jane Ahern

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in my real estate world which is usually exciting – I love the buzz that comes with talking to buyers and sellers, putting deals together, seeing all parties happy with a sale and thinking laterally to resolve any issues. There usually are issues! It’s all in an agent’s day… However, the last fortnight has made me think, so let me share a few realities with you.

Here is what happened

Earlier this week I was feeling a little flat though and decided to explore why – as busy usually means buzz for me. What I realised was that some of the less desirable events my job can entail had occurred – not once but 6 times in various guises over the last 2 weeks.

Appraisals done and no reply

I had been asked to appraise 5 properties and had happily done so. An appraisal involves meeting a seller on site to see the property, to write a comparative market report that will be the basis of an appraisal price range, suggested method of sale, current market advice etc., etc., for the seller. After that it’s back to the office to research the market, find comparable sales and write a comprehensive report outlining not only the reports but also advising on the marketing methods and costs, advertising, styling the property, the sales processes and so much more. This can all take quite a while – maybe half a day, to say nothing of the journey to and from the property plus a return visit with the report if requested by the sellers. A chunk out of any day then – and often an out-of-hours chunk, to fit in with the sellers’ availability.

All good – that’s my job.

The disappointments arise when sellers subsequently do not respond to calls or emails, don’t let you know of their decision to delay a sale or to list with another agency – all the while taking on board all your suggestions for sale method, appraisal price range, property improvements to enhance presentation and so on.

Buyers not quite being frank

Another disappointment this week was a buyer making an offer to purchase a property, confirming they were cash buyers, and promising they were only offering for the property I was selling. I subsequently discovered they had offered for other properties around town. Also, they had not issued any instructions to their solicitor to withdraw their offer – and did not reply to texts, calls or emails for confirmation of their position. Another chunk out of my day – and a chunk out of the seller’s solicitor’s day, preparing a contract for sale, as well as stalling the sales campaign for the property. Active marketing was halted to allow the buyer two weeks to exchange contracts.

All disappointing – and that’s part of my job, too.

Can we work together in trust?

I’m just putting it out there, dear reader – a bit of mutual respect would go a long way. We do all the above for no reward other than hopefully demonstrating that we are knowledgeable, honest and reliable enough to win your trust and to so sell your home.

Respect and trust us back – and watch that buzz happen!

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