Welcome to my REAL story of real estate. My name is Jane Ahern and I have been working in real estate for over 11 years. I’m a licensed Agent in the ACT and NSW and have been selling residential real estate in Canberra and surrounding NSW districts for 9 years – and that’s the reason I’m here.

I’m here to share my reality about the real, real estate story as I see it – to inform, to offer insights on what to ignore, what is pure nonsense and how to cut through the waffle or doubtful advice sometimes handed out by sales agents or well-meaning friends and relatives. After all buying and selling your home can be one of the most important financial (let alone emotional) transactions you can make – with far-reaching consequences if things don’t go to plan.

So, real estate is not just another job, just another client to me – and not all real estate agents are dodgy or untrustworthy with a penchant for flash cars. There are many hard-working committed agents out there, doing their best to help their clients in the best possible way. To prove all of the above, I’ll tell some stories, relate funny incidents and introduce some of the fabulous people I have met through my job as a sales agent.

Want to be kept up to date on the Canberra housing market? Want questions answered about buying and selling houses? Want current real estate information every week? Then keep reading!

Welcome to my wonderful world of real estate!